If You Pay For a Gym, You’re Doing It Wrong

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by Hewitt Tomlin, Co-Founder of TeamBuildr – a DC-based software company helping strength and conditioning coaches build workouts, track athletes, and create competition.   On the surface, big box gym seems like a no-brainer. “It’ll be cheaper because it’s a franchise.” “I get access to all the locations in the city.” “It has amenities.” “They offer discounts on classes.” Yeah, yeah. We’ve all been there before and this is closest thing to the college rec center, ya know? Besides, it’s just easy getting a “good deal” at the Gold’s Gym down the block. You can even take it up a notch when you get your first raise at work and join Vida or Washington Sports Club. But a little self-reflection will reveal that if you care about your personal fitness then you are actually doing it all wrong! Being a member at a big box gym has a feel good factor. More than read more

Women’s World Cup 2015: The Foundation of Success

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By Lori Lindsey   Wow! I can’t believe it has already been a month since the Women’s World Cup final, and yet I’m definitely still experiencing a high from all the emotions of that momentous final match. Can you imagine the elation the women felt when the final whistle blew? Can you imagine the relief they felt after beating Japan in the final when just four years earlier they had fallen short? Can you imagine how many games, training sessions, gym sessions it took to get there? I was fortunate to be able to travel to Canada, not only for the final but also for a number of the U.S. Women’s games. The enthusiasm surrounding each game was contagious and you could feel the excitement grow with each U.S. win. My experience at the final this year was vastly different than it was four years ago when I was representing read more

The Often Ignored Cause of Stalled Progress

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by Jack Penner   Starting on the path to getting strong, lean, and awesome requires you to place a huge focus on the way you eat and the way you train. Handle these two areas and you will see great results. You lose some weight, and feel stronger, more athletic, and empowered. But then, despite your great adherence, progress seems to slow. Maybe the fat stops falling off or maybe you aren’t seeing the strength gains you want. We’ve all been there before. “I don’t get it. I’m doing everything right.” Whenever this happens, there’s something looming. Easy to overlook, but likely to keep you stuck. Stress.   A critical component to life, the right kinds of stress for the right amount of time allow you to adapt. To improve as a human. More muscle, less fat, better mental clarity. However, the wrong kinds for the wrong amount of time read more

Popular Fitness Company Opens First DC Outpost

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  Popular Fitness Company Ambitious Athletics Opens First DC Outpost New training facility offers everyday athletes in the Washington metropolitan area a practical and complete approach to fitness WASHINGTON – July 14, 2015 – Ambitious Athletics, a popular boutique fitness company, whose focus is practical strength and conditioning for everyday athletes, just opened its first standalone training facility in the West End/Foggy Bottom area of Washington, D.C., at 2021 K Street NW. Open Monday through Friday, Ambitious Athletics offers five group training sessions per day beginning as early as 6 a.m. With this new facility, Ambitious Athletics has dramatically increased the capacity of its already thriving business, extending its unique coaching methodology to benefit even more area athletes and fitness enthusiasts. “When I joined the DC fitness scene in 2007, I noticed it was missing the high quality strength and conditioning programs that I’ve been accustomed to at the high read more

Women’s World Cup: Empowering Through Sports

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Hi Everyone, It’s been awhile since I last wrote, it has been a crazy busy month of travel and training at Ambitious Athletics. So I’ll keep this post brief. I’m checking in from Yellowknife, a small town in the Northern Territory of Canada, where I teamed up with USSoccer and the U.S. Department of State to help lead a Sports Envoy program. The mission is to inspire young kids to get involved with sport and live a healthy/active lifestyle. To say this trip has been a wonderful experience would be an understatement. It’s so empowering to see how joyful the kids are when receiving a new soccer ball and playing the game.  It reminds me why I love sports so much….it really is a way to transcend sociocultural differences and bring people together. I’ve gained just as much from these kids as I hope they have from me. I’m finishing up my Canadian tour read more

Ambitious All-Star Member Spotlight: Spring 2015

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Please welcome Sarah and Walt/Sultan of Swole to the Ambitious All-Star line up. An Ambitious All-Star is someone who self defines Ambitious Athletics. This person demonstrates dedication, perseverance, community, and the willingness to get better. Below, each All-Star answered a series of questions related to their lifestyle, check em out. Sarah O. Why do you workout, what got you started, when did you get started? I’ve always loved being active….in high school I played sports year-round (cross-country, track, soccer, swimming)…but over the years allowed work to dominate the whole work-life balance thing. I started to notice how grumpy I was and how poorly I was sleeping at night. I would go to bed early then wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back asleep until right before my alarm would go off in the morning.  The final straw was injuring my shoulder because I read more

Retired From Soccer, Not Life

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  Hi, Everyone, As many of you know, in December, after a 13 yearlong career, I retired from professional soccer. Even though it was difficult to step away from the game I loved, it felt like the right time, and I was excited to start a new chapter of my life. For those of you who have followed my career, it’s no secret that I love strength training. It has been an integral part of my fitness regimen, and in addition to keeping me healthy, it ultimately helped me realize my ability and achieve my dream of playing at the highest level.  It provided me with more confidence and the knowledge that I was covering all bases to be the best I could.  As a result, I played in all three women’s professional leagues in the U.S., a feat accomplished by only three other players, I played in the 2011 read more

Nutrition: A Whey Protein Experiment

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During the month of September, plus some (45 days), I gave up convenient whey protein in order to evaluate my daily nutrition, digestion, and total health. A lot of people suffer from food allergies and don’t even realize it. Dairy, peanuts, eggs, seafood/shellfish, and tree nuts are among the most common foods allergies amongst adults; eggs, dairy, peanuts, soy, and wheat are the most common in children. I personally don’t have any extreme EpiPen like allergies to these foods, but I do have slight intolerances to certain foods that don’t make me feel good. Intolerance symptoms include gas, bloating, stuffy nose and general abdominal discomfort. Four years ago, I gave up drinking beer because it gave me sinus pressure, a stuffy nose, and a foggy mind. Two years ago, I began peeling the skin off of all apples and potatoes because of stomach cramps. Recently, as much as I didn’t read more

Ambitious All-Star Member Spotlight: Fall 2014

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Please welcome Jenn, Shelton, Christie and Brad to the Ambitious All-Star line up. An Ambitious All-Star is someone who self defines Ambitious Athletics. This person demonstrates dedication, perseverance, community, and the willingness to get better. Below, each All-Star answered a series of questions related to their lifestyle, check em out. Jennifer A. Why do you workout, what got you started, when did you get started? I workout for multiply reasons but the main two reasons are stress release and to stay healthy. I have been working out since my days of playing soccer and field hockey as a kid and continued to do other types of exercising such as running or taking gym classes. It was not until my mid-twenties when I started to really get hooked on working out, lifting weights, and eating healthy. This was mostly due to my father being diagnosed with cancer for the third time read more

We’re Hiring!

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Ambitious Athletics is a Washington DC-based strength and conditioning organization that empowers individuals through movement education and training programs. We help members achieve their physical goals while helping them better understand their capabilities. We’ve been featured as a highly-rated bootcamp program by the Washingtonian Well+Being Blog, have maintained a 5-star Yelp rating for more than 4 years, work with local corporate businesses such as Travel Channel and The Optical Society, and run programs for the Department of State “Sports United” initiative. We are looking for quality individuals to join our team, to be passionate about serving our members, and who believe in the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Our ideal candidate should – Have strong communication skills – Have a good sense of humor – Be comfortable with public speaking – Have experience in a service industry (hospitality industry is particularly well-suited) – Have worked in or lead a read more