My gift to you this Christmas is a killer workout that you can do anywhere any time. Please leave a comment after you finish the workout. Now that we are almost through the battlefield, aka the holiday season, we have to figure out our strategy going forward to protect what we've gained, not in weight, but success.

Before you just throw it out there and say "in 2011 I'm gonna lose weight and get my body back!", be sure you know what you're getting yourself into. Don't blow this goal by over committing to some obscure goal that is so ridiculous that you'll fail before you even take off.

It's said that some 80% of people who create their ambitious "New Year" agenda fall flat by February 28th.

What I'm saying here is, don't shoot for the moon to land amongst the stars. Yeah it's a cute saying and all but in reality it is a soft way of saying "I lost." Shoot for the moon, land on the moon, and stick your freakin' flag in the ground with confidence. Have a plan to get there.

It's very simple, create a path to your destination. Use these three steps to refocus your direction and succeed

1. Your goal should be based on what YOU truly want (not what you think you want)

– This is easy, leave your pessimism at the door and get after it

2. It should be measureable and include check points to evaluate your progress

– Know where you are going

3. There should be a formula to guide you to the end result

– This is absolutely the key to success; ever see a house or building built without a blueprint? Neither have I

You can start with this workout.

Merry Christmas!


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