The clock just tripped over midnight, making it July 16 2012. We just arrived back to our hotel in Niagara Falls after hanging in Toronto, Ontario, watching Blue Jays baseball and eating damn good Italian food in Little Italy Toronto.

“I want a stack of pancakes, double covered and smothered in maple syrup.” I said to my fiancé.

Becca looked at me with the “are you serious?” face.

“It’s my birthday, time to celebrate! I can eat and want whatever I want. For heavens sake, I’m F’in 30!”

We walked to the 24-hour Denny’s down the road, occupied a booth and I ordered 4 pancakes, 3 scrambled eggs, and a pile of bacon; the first meal of my thirties. Becca threw her hood over her head and napped on the table. (Just her head, she didn’t lay on the table. However, I’m sure she wouldn’t have been the first to do that in a Denny’s.)

I know it sounds ridiculous that your Personal Trainer is telling you all of this but where I’m about to go is going to make sense, I think. Stick with me.

I sat at the table like a kid celebrating his 5th birthday, really the first birthday you actually remember, staring at my meal and thinking back over three decades of life I’ve just accomplished and celebrated; I’m lucky.

But what I thought about wasn’t the ups and downs or the accomplishments and failures. I thought about what makes me happy and what pisses me off or stresses me out.

Mentally, I made and thought about the two lists: • The “love” list quickly filled with a lot of adjectives that represented the people and things in life that I like to associate with, that make me smile and excel in life. • The “hate” list wasn’t all that long, maybe four or five things that cause me stress. Most of the things that made this list revolve around technology.

I whole-heartedly believe that stress kills. There is absolutely nothing good related to stress except the fact that you should stress your muscles and bone to grow and formulate anew, other than that it should be avoided at all costs.

So at 1:30 am, during my pancakes, eggs and bacon adventure – one of the best birthday meals of all time – I vowed to shorten that “hate” list as much as possible and enjoy a stress-free life in the three decades to come. I developed my 30-year action plan and I’m giving you the first look. • Spend more time with my soon-to-be wife. • Spend more time with other people who I love and who positively influence me. • Limit text message conversations and spend more time communicating via phone. • Check email only twice per day. • Remove email from my phone. • Limit social media activity to once-per-day. • Attend more baseball games. • Enjoy more of the great outdoors • Play more golf. • Give more to my clients. • Implement these new rules into life immediately.

It’s been just two weeks since returning from our trip and living the 30 life, and I can honestly say turning 30 is a good thing. I hope I'm this lucky for the next 30.

How many of you actually take the time to do that. Pause life, step outside, examine, and change what you don’t like? Have you been successful? Why or why not? Please feel free to share your experiences in the area below, I'm sure everyone could benefit from your experience even if pancakes weren't involved.

Dedicated to your health, Carmen