5 Simple Ways to Accelerate Fat Loss 1. Ditch breakfast

Here’s what I’m saying, breakfast is two words: break and fast. It’s not necessary to eat a meal as soon as you get out of bed or before you leave the house. Break your fast a little later in the day. Why? Think about your dinner. Calories-wise, it was probably your biggest meal of the day. And what did you do after? If you’re like most people, you sat around, watched a little TV and slept. This means that all of that energy from dinner is just waiting to get used in the early morning. If you eat breakfast, you’re just packing in more calories that you really don’t need.

2. Start your day with a fatty protein packed meal

Have a protein and fat source available to you for your first meal of the day, so you don’t grab a breakfast burrito or something easy that’s loaded with carbs. Why? Because it’s all about keeping insulin production to a minimum, and fat burning at a maximum and insulin blunts fat utilization. Carb up early and stop fat burning early. Sure it’s said that most people who break their fast later in the day often make poor food choices when eating their first meal, which is why it’s extremely important to have a plan.

Here’s a few ways to break your fast: Greek yogurt + almonds Whole Egg omelet Vegetable protein shake + almond butter Steak and eggs Bacon and eggs The Vitamin Cocktail shake

3. Eat a variety of vegetables

If you’re reading this, the chances that you are an adult are pretty good. This means it’s about time to learn to cook with a variety of vegetables. It’s really easy: mix them into your favorite dishes, sauté them, roast them, grill them, bake them, etc. Do whatever you need to do to get them into every meal. Why? Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals essential to our body vitals and functions. Nothing further needs to be said, just start eating at least 5 handfuls of vegetables daily.

4. Drink black coffee, tea and water – nothing else

Coffee, tea and water all include great benefits until you start adding stuff to them. Why? Not only do coffee and tea provide a boost to your day, they have also been linked to other benefits that you can read more about here and here. Water should be more obvious to you. We know it’s essential for life (crystal light isn’t), so be sure to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces: 150lb person = >75 ounces.

What about alcohol? Keep it minimal and stick to vodka soda and fresh squeezed lemon.

5. Save your starches for dinner

Home sweet home, toss the phone aside, turn on some Seinfeld and grill up a big slab of meat and some potatoes. It’s time to kick into chill mode and starches will help you achieve just that. Why? Carbohydrates trigger serotonin release, which makes us feel content and relaxed and usually induces sleep. What about Thanksgiving Day? Sure the tryptophan in turkey lends a hand but lets think about all of the extras: stuffing, sweet potatoes, pies, etc. You know where I’m going with this, straight to the couch. Zzzzzzzz….

Dedicated to your health,