Two weeks ago it was hard for me to think about a soup recipe, seeing that it was seventy degrees outside, however; in light of twenty degree days and our Ambitious leader recently feeling under the weather, there could not be a better time for this recipe. Today's treat; Carrot, Orange and Ginger Soup with Chicken is courtesy of the Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook. I absolutely love this cookbook and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to simplify their life and healthy lifestyle. For this recipe you will need the following ingredients:Coconut Oil or Butter 2Tbsp Onion (rough chopped) 1 1/2 Cups Fresh Ginger (Grated or Chopped) 1 Tbsp Cinnamon 1 Tsp Chili Powder 1/2 Tsp Baby Carrots 6 Cups Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice 3/4 Cup Coconut Milk 1 Cup Low-Fat Milk 3 Cups Salt 1 Tsp Pepper 1/2 Tsp Chicken (Cubed) 1lb 5 oz

Instructions: Preheat a large pot on medium high heat. Add 1 tablespoon of oil and then the onions and saute until lightly browned, stirring frequently. Add the remaining oil, ginger, cinnamon and chili powder and saute for 1 minute more, stirring constantly. Add the carrots, orange juice, coconut milk and milk. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and cover. When the milk begins to boil, reduce heat immediately to a simmer to avoid boiling over. Simmer until carrots are soft (about 10 minutes). Let mixture cool for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper and puree with a blender or food processor until smooth and then pour back into the pot. Season your chicken with salt and pepper and grill. Cube the chicken and add to the pot. To maintain the tenderness of the meat, avoid bringing the soup to a boil after the chicken has been added.

Ready for a little secret? If you have a Vitamix, you can make this soup in less than 20 minutes...WHAT!!! I Know, Right!?!! This meal is great after a workout, when you're feeling a little under the weather, or you just want the comfort of a nice warm cup or bowl of soup. With changing weather and a flu epidemic, it is very important to make sure your body is constantly getting the right vitamins and nutrients. I hope this recipe finds everyone "well" and I wish everyone a healthy, strong, and because it is the "Month of Love", Love!

Work Hard and Eat Great!