As a Happy Holidays and THANK YOU for all of your hard work and support, Carmen and Emilie at Ambitious Athletics want to hook you up BIG time. Although Santa won’t be dropping you off a new sexy, strong body for Christmas, we thought that we might be able to provide you with an extra incentive to maintain everything you have worked so hard for.

We’ve created a fun little contest for you and your friends to enjoy while attempting to keep all the holiday stress at bay.

Now through December 16, compete to win one month FREE Bootcamp and dinner for you and a friend.

It’s the holiday season where spending time with friends and family is supposed to be fun. ☺

Here’s how it works:

1. From the Ambitious Athletics Facebook page use the "Recommend This Place" to get started.

2. Copy and paste the following message into the open field and select “Friends” from the drop down menu to the right.

Hi everyone - I am competing in a holiday contest to win a free month of fitness bootcamp through Ambitious Athletics in Washington, DC. Help me win by “liking” this page and posting my first and last name on the wall anytime before Dec. 16. The winning prize also includes dinner for two at Medium Rare in Cleveland Park. ☺ Thanks in advance for your help.

3. At midnight on Dec. 16, the person with the most posts wins. It’s as simple as that.

4. The winner will be announced on the AA Facebook page on Saturday, Dec. 17. We hope you’ll take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Thank you and good luck!