No matter what, some people will just never get it. They’ll over think it or just continue to search for some magic rather than just putting in the hard work. Keep in mind that if it’s worth it, you’ll find a way, and the great things in life never come easy.

Here are five of the many reasons why you need to stop trying to lose weight:

1. You’ve been trying the same stuff for too long and have accomplished slim to none.

2. You’re doing too much cardio and need to reevaluate your strategy.

3. You’re treating weight loss and fat loss the same.

4. You’re lying to yourself when you say that you’re a healthy eater.

5. You don’t have a system to follow or a coach to hold you accountable.

Take all of that in for a second. Evaluate your current situation, and ask yourself if any of these ring true. Have you been doing the same stuff for an extended period of time with little to no results? Why? Do you really want to change? And finally, what’s holding you back?

1. I’m sure that when you first started doing what you are doing now things felt great; a new you, a new program, and a good kick in the butt in the right direction. But then it happened. It started to not feel great anymore, you began feeling like the old you, it felt just like the same old program, and now you need another kick in the butt just to get you to want to do it again. I hear you.

The body adapts quickly because of its love hate relationship with change. It’s not a big fan of change; we have hormones and other regulatory chemicals that maintain homeostasis.

BUT, if you want your body to change, you have to cycle your strategy.

The strategy is to follow a program that allows your body to adapt, allows it to make its changes i.e. get stronger, influence digestive issues, weed out crap food, understand movements and their execution, etc. etc. After about 4-8 weeks depending on your experience, it’s time to make a few modifications like increasing weights, changing calories, making healthier pairings, and moving faster among other things.

My buddy Todd Bumgardner tweeted, “the body adapts with consistency, not randomness.” #truth

2. Cardio isn’t going to help you look “toned”, it will make you look like a hipster/skinny fat. Plain and simple, if you want to look like you workout, then you have to workout, and cardio should just be cardio, once or twice a week, done! You’re better off taking the time to understand how your body moves and what and why which muscles are used during a lifting session. Stick to picking up heavy weights and exerting energy to build muscle.

Fit friend, Molly Gallbraith tweeted, “If you’re new to training, prioritize strength. It makes achieving other goals like fat loss, hypertrophy, etc. much easier. “ #truth

3. Weight loss and fat loss are two totally different terms and are often misused. If you’re six feet tall and weigh 732 pounds, you need to lose weight, fast. If you’re 5’8” and weigh 200 pounds you need to shed fat. This is where the argument of calories in vs. calories out goes out the window. For the not so fat person, restricting calories to rid fat won’t be the best way to maintain muscle mass and keep a healthy looking body. Simply adjusting what and when you put your calories in your mouth will become the rhyme and reason to your fat loss journey.

Read Jill Coleman’s “12 Habits of Lean People” blog post for great tips.

4. The people who say they are healthy eaters and have belly pudge aren’t healthy eaters. I’ve never come across a person who sticks to non-processed foods, minimal fruits, lots of vegetables, grass fed meats, healthy fats and who exercises a few hours a week look like a piece of crap. What you look like on the outside reflects what you look like on the inside and the things that you put in your mouth. Recently on our facebook page I explained this in greater detail… see the research below.

“Eat like shit, look like shit. It’s pretty simple stuff.”

5. I’m sure that we can all agree that if we need to get from point A to point B in a certain time, driving without directions is a horrible idea. Then imagine that at every intersection you came to one of those mileage destination totem poles. That’s the kind of road map that Men’s Health, Shape, Muscle & Fitness magazine, and other media outlets in the health and fitness industry have hooked you up with; an information no road map overload.

Working with a coach who has a well established system and who has turned out healthy and measurable results eliminates the destination totem poles and provides you a map like the new iPhone/Google maps – from point A to B with a few different options to fit your adventure. Don’t like back roads or tolls? Out! Don’t like red meat? Out! A coach who has traveled these roads will get you there with turn-by-turn directions, all you have to do is listen, pay attention, keep moving forward, and stick to your directions.

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