You’re probably thinking OMG, he’s going to tell me how many calories are in one tablespoon of gravy, how many million miles I’ll have to run to workout off that pecan pie, and tell me to weigh myself in the morning and night of Thanksgiving so I can feel like a complete fat a** and beat myself up over a holiday…. Enjoy the time with your family and leave a comment below

Turkey Tips

1. Eat whatever and however much you'd like. It happens once a year, a holiday, just like your birthday, have a great time and indulge. You’re not going to gain weight from just this one day; you will gain weight from all the other days you eat crap. See #2

2. Thanks should be given every day. Thanksgiving should only happen once - THAT'S IT! One day to treat yourself to a buffet of pie, tatters, and that chutney stuff (eww).

3. Backyard Football – Any exercise you can get in is going to help you not feel like a giant hot air balloon throughout the day, and the next.

4. Workout – Do a quick workout in the morning, nothing more than a 20-minute high intensity body weighted circuit workout. Struggling to come up with some exercise? See the 12 Minutes of Christmas for fat loss on youtube, here's the link

5. Eat Breakfast – A true rookie mistake. Just because you're going to eat as much as the Green Bay Packers will, post victory over the Lions, doesn't mean you shouldn't eat breakfast. Remember, a little something in the stomach first thing when you get up will kick start your metabolism and help govern your appetite throughout the day.

6. White Meat – Dark meat has a fatty profile, white does not, save yourself the fat calories and get more cals from the homemade pecan pie

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope your team wins the "Battle of the Backyard" football game,