Welcome to the Ambitious Athletics blog spot. This is your spot to find reliable information regarding exercise, nutrition, and everything else Ambitious. In this video series we go in depth to show you what it looks like to be fully assessed and fitted specifically for your bike. There are three videos here that depict, 1) the off bike assessment, 2) the on bike assessment, and 3) a triathlon bike or not? Getting fit for your bike is as important as getting fit for a shoe, that is if you ride a bike. It's common sense to go to a shoe store, find a shoe you like, try it on for size and go about your business. A bike on the other hand incorporates much more of your body than just your feet. It's everything working together for you to maintain balance. In this case it is very important to "GET FIT" for your bike. It's said that it takes approximately 1,000 perfect movements to correct an imperfect movement. Our bodies are like big computers; our nervous systems save or encode all movement patterns so we can replicate them at a later date if needed. And just like the saying goes, "you never forget how to ride a bike". Well imagine if all along you weren't riding your bike properly, ie. the seat was too low or the handle bars too wide. Over time our bodies adapt to the situations we put them in, sometimes those situations or patterns aren't all that natural.

In this video, Bike Fit Specialist Paul Hoover shows his ability to look at the body in its normal state. All of our natural movement patterns should be mimicked when riding a bike, and without proper examination and measurements, bad things can happen. As an example, we'll analyze my left foot. In this video Paul explains how because of the way my left foot was drawn into the bike during pedaling, my knee in turn was doing the same thing. This caused some left hip issues that I was having problems with, and could have eventually caused more damaging spinal issues. See how that works? Everything starts from the ground and works its way up. It's lighting!

Getting fit for your bike will do you wonders in performance and safety while also saving you tons of $$$ in medical bills. Believe me, I know from experience.

Paul Hoover is your man to see at Conte's Bike Shop in Bethesda, Maryland. As you can see Paul takes his job seriously and delivers exceptional service that will make that old bike feel new, and who doesn't love that feeling?

Also, please understand when I meet someone who is good at his/her job that pertains to health and fitness and is an honest and nice person, I'm going to bring you his/her information and skills because I fee like you too should know him/her too.

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Snapshot of Paul's bio - Master's in Teaching Kinesiology from University of Virginia - Specialized Body Geometry trained fit technician - Retul Motion Capture certified - Trained by the head of UVA Center for Endurance Sports in bike fitting - High School Strength and Conditioning Coach - High School Swimming Coach

Conte's Bike Shop 7626 Old Georgetown Road Bethesda, Md. 20814 (301) 312-6159 http://contesbikestores.com

Till next time, Carmen

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