Yahoo!! Happy 2014! Otherwise, same shit different day. That is unless you’re really real about changing you and have an action plan to do so.

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” Oprah Winfrey

You’ve likely seen a ton of stuff about goals, resolutions, or what I like to refer to them as, realizations.

You just might feel inspired to set yourself up with a few goals after these emotional hits.

But the thing is, things around you have to change if you want to change.

“Friends”, cut ’em.

Employers, change ’em.

Routines, switch ’em.

Without trust or support, it’s likely you’re not changing and at this time next year you’ll be in the same position.

But around here, we aren’t about being in the same position because we’re Ambitious, right?

So below I’ve laid out the ground rules for you on how to set up your success circle to actually achieve your goals. To be happier, to feel accomplished, to actually be the person you really want to be.

Get out a pen and paper and let’s get started.

1. Write down up to 5 great friends who you can go to to talk things out.

2. List your goals in their order of importance with a brief description.

3. Write down and list the things that your friends can do to help you achieve those goals.

4. Meet with each of your friends individually to talk about your goals and their ability to help. Ask them if they can and are willing to help you reach your goals.

If your goal means that much to you than you cannot be afraid to share your goals with those close to you.

This, along with a good coach who works with you on a program, that fits your life, with variables to aid and adjust if needed, will be the key to your success.

5. Finally, send, not text, not tweet, no status update, a sincere thank you to each of your friends that took the time to listen to you and gave you their word on being there for you when needed. Let them know that you appreciate them and are thankful for their friendship. ‘Cause that’s what friends are for.

Here’s to you becoming a better you,