If your daily routine means anything to you then it should continue as part of your daily routine when and wherever you travel. Most people in your family or circle of friends might look at you funny when you show up with the arsenal listed below, but when was the last time you let someone negatively influence your healthy habits?

Care what others think of you and you’ll never live life to your fullest potential.

Here are 5 things that make it in to my travel bag before anything else.

Foam roller or lacrosse ball

Planes, trains, automobiles, or your host family’s bed, it’s not going to be all that comfortable for the amount of time you’ll spend sitting or laying there. In addition, something will most likely stress you out along the way. You’ll appreciate taking some down time to roll out any uncomfortable knots when you can.

1 Resistance band

Don’t over complicate things. If you’re going to workout and don’t have gym access, simply pick 3-5 exercises that work toward your training goals, do 12 or 15 reps and repeat those exercises for 5-10 sets. Nothing crazy, just work hard and continue gaining ground toward your goals. Secondly, if that car or plane ride jacked you up or the guest bed/couch/floor is jacking you up, then you have a band and lacrosse ball to help iron out the kinks.

Athletic Greens or a daily multivitamin

Daily nutritional insurance. Handshakes, hugs, kisses, sick people, contaminated air, rug rats. ‘Nuff said. Keep your immune system humming.

Fish Oil

Omega 3’s are critical for so much, but in your case, tissue inflammation. Ingest daily because when outside of your daily routine, with sometimes little control over your meal options, the chances of foreign highly processed food being placed in front of you is pretty high.

Protein Powder

Same as with fish oil, it’s likely that the people you’re hanging around consume at least a 4:1 carb to protein ratio which means there will be a ton of additional carbs surrounding you at any given time. Pound a protein shake to feel satiated which in turn helps you turn down any desire to consume more crap food.

Added Bonus, because sliced bread was never the greatest thing….

Quest Bar

'Cause at some point, you’re going to want to know what the heck you’re putting into your body. Plus, you won’t waste time trying to find something healthy in the airport or off an exit along the highway.

Dedicated to your health,


PS. Get all of the listed items here