As you could imagine, people like to tell me about their fat problems, what derailed them from their healthy athletic days, and request help to burn fat and build muscle. But that’s my job, to listen, to dissect, and help; and I freakin love it! But the frustrating part, thanks to media, is that they want to accomplish their best body by this Monday.

You’ve got to realize that it didn’t take you just four days to successfully put on weight, feel fat, and begin to buy bigger clothes, so realize that it's going to take 400+ days to undo the damage and effectively shed the fat, build sustainable strength, and maintaining a lean body. It takes time, just like everything else. And to maintain it, takes action by habit.

So if you’d like immediate results that will transpire to the real thing, here are my suggestions.

1. Know your why. Why do you want this change? What will it help you accomplish? What will it bring you emotionally and physically? Write it down.

2. Sell it to your friends. Tell everyone that you know and associate with that you’re making some serious nutritional and lifestyle changes. Overall health is your focus.

3. Don’t listen to anyone who, 1, doesn’t have a body to show for it, 2, hasn’t been in your position, 3, or has zero credentials. They’ll blow nothing but hot air, broscience, and negativity.

4. Write out a pro’s and con’s list. For example:

- What are you good at?

- What healthy foods do you enjoy?

- What are your good nutritional habits?

- What are you bad at?

- What healthy foods don’t you enjoy?

- What natural foods haven't you tried?

- What bad nutritional habits do you have?

Play to your strengths as your get started, your weaknesses will transform over time.

5. Plan and write down a five or six day meal menu. This is harder than it seems but gets much easier with time and knowledge. Don’t over complicate it, just chart 4 square meals a day so that you can mix them up and eat what you’re in the mood for at that time. Start with the things that you know and enjoy.

Lastly, be about it. When you’ve got 1-5 cooking you’ll be leading by example, learning more about yourself, the food, and nutrition. And by then, it will be hard for your not to inspire others.

Like any success, it takes planning and organization. One through five is your foundation, after that, the sky is the limit.

Dedicated to your health,

Carmen Sturniolo