Be smart when dining out, and keep in mind that fat lasts longer than taste. Because most restaurants design their plates differently than we do, you may have to order extra meat, ask to reduce/add or substitute the starches, order additional vegetables, or just order multiple meals.

Remember to always ask for items that are not on the menu; this is a kitchen we are talking about, so they may have what you're looking for.

Don't hesitate to ask what oils or butter the items are cooked in. If necessary, ask for yours to be cooked with or without or have it placed on the side.

Lastly, investigate the menu. As I stated above, you're not only in a restaurant but also in a chef's kitchen, so if you see that they offer french fries, chances are they have potatoes. Be smart, take your time, and enjoy the meal without feeling guilty.

Side note: I was a server all throughout college. Ask your server what the food is cooked in, if the kitchen can sub this for that, or anything regarding your meal, all he/she has to do is ask a line cook and they will have your answer. Remember, you’re paying for your experience.

Dedicated to your health, Carmen