Hi Everyone, It’s been awhile since I last wrote, it has been a crazy busy month of travel and training at Ambitious Athletics. So I’ll keep this post brief.

I’m checking in from Yellowknife, a small town in the Northern Territory of Canada, where I teamed up with USSoccer and the U.S. Department of State to help lead a Sports Envoy program. The mission is to inspire young kids to get involved with sport and live a healthy/active lifestyle.

To say this trip has been a wonderful experience would be an understatement. It’s so empowering to see how joyful the kids are when receiving a new soccer ball and playing the game.  It reminds me why I love sports so much….it really is a way to transcend sociocultural differences and bring people together. I’ve gained just as much from these kids as I hope they have from me.

I’m finishing up my Canadian tour with a quick trip to Vancouver where I’ll be working with Kick TV, doing behind the scenes work for them in conjunction with the Women’s World Cup.

Be on the look out, I’ll have a full recap of my trip once I return later this week. In addition, I’ll be posting more videos and photos once everything settles down a bit.

Have a fantastic week!

Health and Happiness,



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