It’s easy to get caught up into thinking that you have to train like an athlete or go hard as hell every time you step foot into a gym, sweating and panting louder than the person next to you or even feeling more fatigued than last workout in order to feel like you accomplished anything.

We’re marketed to in such a way (crossfit games, insanity, high intensity interval training, etc.) that if we aren’t going “mach 1 with our hair on fire” than we’re living a slow death and getting beat at this thing called life.

But let’s be real, if you’re reading this you’re probably not a pro athlete or don’t aspire to be one; you’re just a good person who works for a living and may have kids and you just want to be able to move without feeling like you’re going to break, want to have more energy, feel less tired, feel happy when you look at yourself in the mirror, and just feel stronger overall, both mentally and physically.

I get it.

Just like life, as time goes on, your goals, values, wants and needs change, and so should your approach to training. 

Life as your sport. 

Instead of giving into the mindset that hard, fatigued, beaten, battered, exhausted, or dripping in sweat is the athlete way or the blueprint of a sculpted body, let me help you redefine you as an athlete and the sport you play everyday. 


1.     Stop comparing yourself to other people

There is no starting line up or scholarship to be earned, just focus on being the best you. Do you. Have fun. Smile. Laugh. Share moments with quality people. Your journey is your own, stop measuring your own success by comparing them to others. 


2.     Do what you can, not what you want.

There’s no such thing as the perfect time or getting in shape before you join a gym.

You might want to get to the gym 5x a week, but right now, with the new job or new addition to your family, 2 days is all you can get in. Do it. When time allows or you see an opportunity to make a third day work, do it.

The same thing goes with movement or the exercises in your training program. You may want to do a real deal push-up, but if you can’t do it right with good technique, scale it back a little bit and start in a modified position.

Whatever you do don’t wait, start simple and manageable.

Napoleon Hill said it best, “ Do not wait, the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”


3.     Teamwork makes the dream work – find a community

Comparing yourself to others is unnecessary; surrounding your self with others is necessary. It’s that simple, like-minded people go further, learn more, and accomplish more together.

Whatever the mode of exercise you enjoy, it should be made up of a community of people who truly live and give the motto “better together”.


To tie this all together let me leave you with a personal non-fitness example.

I really enjoy photography. There’s nothing more fun than slowing down and observing everything in sight, looking up, down, under, over, and everything in between – it’s my meditation.

I first started out using an old digital Sony point and shoot. I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t take a film class in high school or college, so I just started playing around, pointing and shooting. When the iPhone came out, it changed the game. The iPhone got better and so did my skills.

When Instagram hit, so did local photography communities. Fortunately, DC has a great creative community so I was able to easily find the Instagram people who also like to goof off and take pictures, so I joined that group. Since then I’ve learned a lot from a bunch of really good people, and even upped my game from an iPhone to a Canon Rebel T6s. Now, I’m obviously bigger and better than Ansel Adams ever was or will be, but who’s comparing? ;)


Live Authentic. Make Moments. Have Fun
Carmen Sturniolo