What made you seek out and join a program rather than just joining a traditional gym?

I initially thought I couldn’t afford to join a program, so when my friend suggested we try a Groupon for Ambitious Athletics, I was interested but figured I’d check it out and then continue on my way. As soon as I met Carmen and saw what he was doing I knew I would have to make it work no matter the cost (though, for what Ambitious offers, it is super affordable!).

Before joining Ambitious, I would hit the gym sometimes, as I had no one to hold me accountable, and no program or understanding of how to structure my workouts to make any real progress.

With Carmen and Ambitious Athletics, with how avidly and persistently he works to keep learning, keep improving, and keep providing the best opportunities to his clients, I always had the utmost confidence that I was in the best hands doing the best for myself. And the progress I’ve made regarding strength, body composition, endurance, and just feeling accomplished and good about myself has always been more than enough to keep me coming back. But as if that weren’t enough, the community of people at Ambitious Athletics is unparalleled.


What do you view as your most significant accomplishment(s) since training at Ambitious Athletics with Carmen? 

Though rather intangible, I really really thank Carmen for giving me the tools and the environment to entirely be who I’ve always thought I was and could be. Since high school, when I threw shotput and discus for the track and field team, I had a sense of myself as being strong and athletic. After high school, my training went down to nil, but despite this and the concomitant reduction in strength and tone, I kept telling myself that I could be and should be strong. Fast forward to Ambitious Athletics: I stepped back into that strong body, made it stronger and more fit than it had ever been, and as a bonus, I managed to find a family and a home away from home. Having the honor of being named a 2x Ambitious All-Star is really a reflection of being given a chance to find my best self in the best place with the best people (ß a phrase you’re likely to hear from many people).


In 5 words or less, describe Ambitious Athletics to an outsider. 

Shangri-la, a utopia

Hands down the best around.

Holistic betterment, empowerment and accountability.

Fitness, fun and family.

Unparalleled opportunity to define well-being.


If you were to be stranded on an island but could take one piece of training equipment, one music album to listen to, and your favorite food, what would you bring?  

Training Equipment: I would have to say the InBody machine. Gotta keep an eye on that lean muscle!

Just kidding, it would be a TRX system, as I can’t imagine a more versatile and portable piece of equipment. Plus, it would also likely prove useful on a deserted island environment (tying stuff, pulling stuff, climbing stuff, etc.).

Music album: Big Dipper’s eponymous album. It’s got a few hits, plus it'd be nice to be able to listen to an old friend now and then or have some bangin’ beats to work out to.

Food: PB&J all day. Carbs, protein, fat in a delicious package. Crunchy PB, strawberry J, wheat bread. Recipe for success.


If you could share some words of wisdom to a new member at Ambitious, what would you tell them?

You are so lucky to have stumbled upon this incredible community! Soak it up! Bask in it! You are in the best hands to accomplish whatever it is you want to set as a goal for yourself. Take every opportunity offered because you will get to know yourself better as well as become a better version of yourself, and these chances are not a dime a dozen. It is so rare to find a place that defines fitness not as pounds lifted and lost, but as a lifestyle characterized by accountability, cultivating inner strength and resilience, and surrounding yourself with supportive people striving for their best. You have found yourself in a special place, with special people that create a wonderful community – dive in deep and hold on tight!