What made you seek out and and join a program rather than just joining a traditional gym? 

Carmen used to come to my office to coach two days a week. I never went for the longest time because we’ve had some pretty lousy fitness programs in the past at work. It really didn’t sound appealing to me. Some of my friends in the office kept talking about Killer Carmen and how tough his classes were and how much fun they were having. Working out and fun? I was intrigued yet skeptical. Maybe trying out a class or two wouldn’t hurt? Work was paying for it, and it was convenient so what did I have to lose? I decided to bite the bullet and try it out. After all I still had my gym membership if it didn’t work out. Needless to say Carmen exceeded expectations. I was hooked and became a regular along with my other co-workers (my work fitfam!).  I also cancelled my big-box gym membership.

When Carmen was finally able to open up his own gym, I had to follow him there. I knew I was getting top-quality training with him using only the tiny bit of equipment we had in the office. I could only imagine how much better it would be in his own space. I was nervous about the cost, but my sister who is my biggest fitness cheerleader, told me that my health is worth every penny I invest in it. I signed up and never regretted it for a second. I was intimidated at first when I went in for orientation because I’ve never lifted from a rack before. We only used bands, kettlebells, and the sled for our workouts at the office. Because Carmen spent so much time with us to make sure our form was on point, it ended up being a very easy transition to weight training.

Long story short: I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.


What do you view as your greatest accomplishment(s) since training at Ambitious Athletics with Carmen? 

One quantifiable accomplishment is that I learned how to eat properly and lost over 20 lbs. of fat without losing any muscle (photos below). I wasn’t sure how it was going to be possible, but I trusted Carmen and followed his advice. A few months later after completely changing the way I eat and making a few mental adjustments, everything just fell into place.

Often times though, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of every class. I’m always being challenged and encouraged by Carmen and my workout partners to push myself further. I’m sure my other friends are tired of hearing about my gains at the gym, e.g., I did a handstand in the TRX today!!


In 5 words or less, describe Ambitious Athletics to an outsider. 

A place to get better.


If you were to be stranded on an island but could take one piece of training equipment, one music album to listen to, and your favorite food, what would you bring?  

I was going to say I would need a TRX given its versatility, but I don’t think I could live without a yoga mat. Yin yoga every day, all the days!

One music album is really tough….anyone who really knows me knows about my slight obsession with Wilco (meh, not with their new stuff). I would have to settle with Wilco’s Summerteeth album.  Do people still listen to albums anymore? Maybe I would need to make an 80’s mixed tape starting with this Solid Gold gem that gets me through most days:


I would bring my favorite breakfast: eggs over medium with toast, French toast, sausage, biscuit with butter and jelly, and wash it down with a green smoothie (cucumber, celery, spinach, pineapple, lemon). 


If you could share some words of wisdom to a new member at Ambitious, what would you tell them?

Ambitious Athletics is full of some of the best and most supportive people you will ever meet. I bet everyone of us felt nervous or not sure if they really belong there when they first joined. I know I did, and I was already friends with Carmen. Just have fun and try to do the best you can. You will only get better.