Get to know Ambitious All-Star, Nikki Clements

1. Why do you workout? 

Working out not only makes me get stronger physically, but mentally as well. While some days I am dragging myself through the doors of 2021 K Street to a workout, I am always strutting out with a clear mind and my head held high. From slinging more weight week to week to hearing the words of encouragement from other members, I feel like I have grown so much physically and mentally.


2. What made you seek out and join a training program rather than just joining a traditional gym? 

I was drawn to the fact that workouts would be created with intention and knowledge, rather than my normal "go on the elliptical for as long as possible”. I always know that Carmen creates workouts to maximize our success and push our limits, both mentally and physically. It also doesn’t hurt that I get to have the chance to workout with some of my best friends on a weekly basis.


3. What do you view as your most significant health and fitness accomplishment(s) since training at Ambitious Athletics? How did you get there? 

I think my most significant accomplishment has been a more positive mentality. I have a newfound confidence in the gym that I hadn't otherwise had in my strength and ability to learn and grow as an everyday athlete. Getting here didn't happen over night, but the constant encouragement from the Ambitious community and dedication from the coaches has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and into a realm of badassery.


4. In 5 words or less, describe Ambitious Athletics to an outsider. 

Getting better everyday, together.


5. If you could share some words of wisdom to a new member at Ambitious, what would you tell them?

Be open to being coached and break down any barriers that may be preventing it. From learning the correct form to being encouraged to crank out the last few reps, you have to be open to fully embrace the Ambitious Athletics experience. You will be doing exercises that are new, as well as correcting your form, and it is important to keep an open mind to wanting to learn and grow.


Rapid fire

Squat, bench, deadlift or overhead press? Squat

Pick one music album to listen to for leg day, what is it? When the World Comes Down by All-American Rejects

Bicep or tricep pump? Tricep

Coffee or tea? Coffee

AM or PM training? PM training

Sled or assault bike finisher? Assault bike

Rice or potatoes? Potatoes

T-shirt or Tank? Tank

Foam roller or lacrosse ball? Lacrosse ball

Real book or Kindle? Real book

High-five or fist bump? High-five