Get to know Ambitious All-Star, Matty Ray

1. Why do you workout? 

There are a number of reasons, first and foremost to stay healthy for myself and my family. Working out keeps me grounded and in a routine. It's a great way for me to relieve stress and stay humble through the struggle. There is no perfect lifter out there, you can always be improving technique-wise or strength-wise. It also allows me to be more lenient with what I eat (huge cookie and donut fan). 


2. What made you seek out and join a training program rather than just joining a traditional gym?

I'd been going to a traditional gym for a while during grad school and just after and my self-programmed workouts were getting stale. I was a two sport varsity athlete in college and was used to being coached up and training and grinding with groups so I decided to give this a shot. 


3. What do you view as your most significant health and fitness accomplishment(s) since training at Ambitious Athletics? How did you get there?

My most significant accomplishment has been stepping outside of my comfort zone and usual training routine to really test the limits of my body and as I've got into my 30s, which has helped me continue to stay in shape.  


4. In 5 words or less, describe Ambitious Athletics to an outsider.

Previous training experience doesn't matter


5. If you could share some words of wisdom to a new member at Ambitious, what would you tell them?

Push yourself every day that you're in there, keep an open mind, and train confidently. 


Rapid Fire

Squat, bench, deadlift or overhead press? Bench all day

Pick one music album to listen to for leg day, what is it? Bruce - Born to Run because when I see it's leg day i want to run out of the gym.

Bicep or tricep pump? Tricep - pumping 3 muscles > pumping 2 muscles

Coffee or tea? Coffee 

AM or PM training? PM

Sled or assault bike finisher?  Sled

Rice or potatoes? Rice

T-shirt or Tank? t-shirt

Foam roller or lacrosse ball? foam roller

Real book or Kindle? real book

High-five or fist bump? fist bump