Five questions you should ask yourself when considering a diet.

1>> How long will this diet last?

Yes, you read that right. Diets can not last forever. Always and continuing to diet will wreck havoc on your hormones and blunt your overall long term progress. People that consistently diet/ yo-yo diet/ eat in a calorie deficit have a harder time shedding fat when they actually buckle down and go all in.

2>> What method will you use?

Dieting needs to be sustainable. You obliviously won't use the carnivore method if you’re a vegan. What kind of lifestyle do you live? What’s your cultural background?

3>> Who do you need to tell?

I’m talking about your support system here. Nothing remarkable ever gets done alone, it comes from the help of others. You’d tell people you were looking for a new job, right? This is no different. Just because dieting gets a bad wrap from some, doesn’t mean you need to treat it that way. We’re talking about your health here. It’s important and you should be proud of you decision to improve your health.

4>> What if you hit a plateau?

What will you do if the diet stops working? In today’s society, we’re told to eat less and move more; this is hardly ever the next step in the dieting process.

5>> Are you mentally and physically in the right place to take on the changes that come with dieting?

We’re talking about stress here. Are you between jobs? Are you running up against a deadline at work? Just came out of a relationship? Currently, have trouble sleeping? Happy?

While this may seem like a lot to consider, it's essential to your long term health.