We get it, finding the right gym or training program is difficult. That's why we give you the opportunity to test the water before going all in. We want you to be sure that we are the right program for you - and we make it really easy for you to do so. Just follow steps 1-3.

1. Attend OrientatioN ($)

What’s orientation all about?

In short, want to meet you, see how you move and learn about your past and current health and fitness. How have you trained before working with us, do you or have you had any injuries that we should know about? Did you play any sports in middle school/high school, college? Have you used a kettlebell, TRX, or dumbbell before? And finally, why us, why now? We want to be sure we understand you, your history and where you want to go. And we want you to know us so that when you step in here for your “try us training” you walk in confidently and excited to train and meet other cool likeminded people.

2. Get (2) free training sessions

Yep, seriously, try us out. We want you to be sure that we are the magical mecca of strength that you once dreamed of.

3. train with us