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Ambitious Online is everything that we offer at our gym, but online and entirely accessible on your schedule – that means access to our entire training library, current and past workouts, exercise videos and tutorials, our private Facebook group, as well as all access to our coaches. It’s like we are right there in the gym with you.

what are online members are saying

"I love the Ambitious Athletics program and honestly look forward to my workouts.

It used to be that I couldn’t decide what to do in the gym each day and I fell into a continuous loop of the same old workouts. I was spending too much time in the gym and wasn’t getting the results I wanted, no matter how hard I trained. The workouts in the Ambitious program are well thought out and challenging. You’ll get stronger, look better and most importantly, feel better.

I live in Pennsylvania, so I stop by the gym a few times a year and workout with many members. It’s an amazing group of people that are there to get better, push each other and have fun. Even following the program online and working out alone in another state, I have never felt better.

I use the TeamBuildr app, which has all of the Ambitious workouts listed for me. The app is easy to use and has all of the resources you need. There are hundreds of videos that Carmen has uploaded for each exercise in case you need to learn a new one or simply need a refresher on proper movement. TeamBuildr also keeps your history of reps and weight for each exercise. It’s so nice to be able to look at my phone and see the workout that is laid out for me for that day. I don’t waste time in the gym because of Ambitious Online, if I have questions I can simply access the videos and notes section. If I have questions about some of the workouts or maybe have a restriction due to past or current injuries, I contact Carmen and he always gets back to me to answer my questions and/or offer alternative exercises that I can do.

Carmen truly cares about his clients and loves what he does for a living. I love the programming and his dedication to the Ambitious Athletics family."

A. Tressler, Pennsylvania

"I love Ambitious Online! First of all, the Ambitious programming is fun, challenging, accessible and effective. With an Ambitious workout in my pocket, I am able to navigate the gym with purpose, and I have way more confidence that what I'm doing will help me achieve my fitness goals. (I even leave the app open while I work out with the secret hope that someone asks me about it so I can brag about the program...jk, but not really.) Ambitious Online not only keeps me accountable and motivated because I know that Carmen can see in real time when I complete a workout, but he is also readily available to provide helpful tips, feedback and encouragement. Having worked with other coaches, it feels great to have the utmost confidence in Carmen's expertise, vision and commitment to excellence when it comes to coaching and programming. 

Second, the TeamBuildr app is really well designed. It is extremely easy and intuitive to use, making navigation a breeze. The video tutorials are so helpful - it's impressive that there are videos for almost every movement in such an extensive library! Additionally, being able to easily look at my weights/reps from past workouts is a big help in keeping me accountable and progressing. 

Finally, even though I'm not lucky enough to be able to work out at Ambitious Athletics in person, it means so much to be a part of the Ambitious community.  Having access to the Ambitious facebook page is such a treat. The fitfam is a group of supportive, motivated, intelligent and funny individuals, and keeping up with the community is one of my (many) favorite parts of Ambitious Online.

Do yourself a favor, and if you can't make it to Ambitious in person, stop messing around and just sign up for Ambitious Online."

C. Taylor, California

Your questions - answered

Who is this Program best suited for?

This training program is ideal for people that have at least two years of training experience under their belt and can read a training plan. You might be a ex-athlete or someone who loves training just as much as we do, are looking for structure in your training, a change of pace, are tired of being burnt out and beaten up, want to stay strong and competitive but are not looking to compete in competitions, or you just love training and learning and want something new.

How long is program?

The Ambitious Athlete program is ongoing and constantly evolving. Each training block is 7 total weeks including the one deload week. The compliments we receive from our members is about the sustainability of the programming and the feeling like they could do this forever.

What equipment will I need?

The equipment that we use can be found in most gyms. Barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, and resistance bands generally make up the bulk of our training programs with the exception to some conditioning equipment like battling ropes, stationary bikes, sleds, and sandbags. While these additional items are not necessary and won't limit your progress and results, they are helpful and do assist in low impact exercise and variety in a training program. 

If your looking to build out a home gym or purchase some of your own equipment, we suggest using Sorinex, Rogue, Resistance Band Training, and TRX. You can also find great non-biased product reviews and tips on how to build out at home gym, here at

Can I scale or modify exercises?

100% - we give you options right in the app if you need to opt out of a particular exercise. We assume that you have enough experience and the intuition to modify as you see fitting. You can also post to our private group and ask questions or gather feedback from other members and your coaches.

What kind and how much personal coaching can I expect?

As much as we can give without this becoming a personal training/individualized program. We trust that you have a fair amount of knowledge in regards to weightlifting and signed up with us for more structure in your life and training program. We’re 100% available to you through our private facebook group to provide help and feedback.


“I joined Ambitious Athletics about a year ago, and it has been the most rewarding fitness experience of my life.  Everything about the program - from its ideology, its scalability and flexibility, the great team camaraderie, and the excellent training itself - are all part of why I’ve finally been able to maintain a workout regiment after many years of failing.

When I first joined, one of my big concerns was that I travel a ton for work, so even though I live in Washington and can take advantage of the awesome in-person fitness experience that Ambitious has to offer, there are just a lot of times when I’m on the other side of the world and need to keep up my workout.  Leave it to Carmen and the great team at Ambitious to have an option even for my crazy travel schedule.  The Ambitious Online program has become a big part of my routine - and frankly, it’s been a life saver for my mental and physical health.

With Ambitious Online, you have access to all of the same workouts and information you would have in person. I am a particular fan of the excellent video demos that are accessible through the Teambuildr app, which show you exactly how to perform an exercise, something crucial for someone like me that sometimes struggles with form - or just learning something new.  The other thing I love is that the app offers you alternatives in case you are unable to do the exercise in that day’s workout - either because you don’t have access to the right equipment or if you just are looking for a different exercise to account for form, strength, or injuries.  

I even use Ambitious at home in DC if my work schedule doesn’t allow me to get into the gym - instead doing the workouts at my office gym in the off hours when I can make the time.  It’s another way I can keep up the pace with the rest of the Ambitious fit fam and feel no regrets about missing a workout just because I had a work deadline to meet or an evening engagement that I could not ignore.

Ambitious Online is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their fitness level, have the benefit of expert advice in tailoring a workout, and track your progress using the Teambuildr app, all with the added benefit of being able to do the workout whenever and wherever you are in the world.”  

R. Johnson, Washington DC