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Fit for what?


Fit for what?

practical strength & fitness programming for the everyday athlete


In the current “fit” world where intensity is overemphasized, feeling broken post workout is the new cool, near-death experiences are the new “best workout ever,” and more is better; we do the opposite.

We’ve created a group training experience powered by camaraderie that empowers you, strengthens you, boosts your confidence, makes you more resilient, and harder to kill.

The Ambitious Athlete program is a sustainable, hybrid program that blends performance via powerlifting methods (squat, bench, deadlift), aesthetics via bodybuilding methods, and athletic interval conditioning into one.

You can expect our 60-minute training sessions to challenge you mentally and physically, and include: corrective exercise, mobility, flexibility, strength, power, core, conditioning, inspiration, education and personal coaching.

Ambitious Athletics has adopted a different model. You sign up for training, not a gym. The place takes members in cohorts. They observe you, hear your goals, and prepare a training plan for you. The plan includes nutrition—a key part of training—missed by most new boutique training shops. Training is done in small groups which primes motivation. Trainers are pros, overcoming your “selection problem,” and provide critical “structure” to your training. You are set to achieve better results.
— Zaid S. member (yelp.com)

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition plays such a vital role to our well being that if overlooked, can cause more harm than just extra body fat.

And by now you have probably realized that exercise alone won’t get you the body you want, nor will it give you the life you deserve.


Online Training

Ambitious Online is everything that we offer at our gym, but online and entirely accessible on your schedule – that means access to our entire training library, current and past workouts, exercise videos and tutorials, our private Facebook group, as well as all access to our coaches. It’s like we are right there in the gym with you.


Open Gym Memberships

We have such a dope training facility that we feel like we should give everyone access to it when our groups and members aren’t using it.

Use it to do your own training program or use ours. We just want to help you get better.

Ambitious Athletics is an end-to-end gym focused on their members’ well-being. This is evident after you visit the place and meet Carmen – who most members will agree – is as much of a support system as he is a veteran coach. Ambitious Athletics is weight training facility whose methodology is a hybrid of traditional strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, and high intensity interval training. You’ll use a wide variety of equipment: weights, kettlebells, sleds, bodyweight, etc… The difference between this gym and the packages offered is that it feels methodical and structured. Whereas some gyms may offer unlimited memberships, but the daily workout may not feel connected, Ambitious Athletics has their defined programs that they follow. The gym is nice with just enough grit to get you in the zone.
— Best Gyms and Fitness Studio in Washington DC (dailyspot.co)

More than just a gym

More than just a gym