Your Scale Lies


If you were to lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle, you would weigh the same. Based on the number on the scale, it would indicate that you made zero progress. 

We have the technology to understand your body. 

Our InBody 570 scale is the most advanced product on the market, trusted by top hospitals, gyms and professional sports teams because of its precision and ease of use. The InBody Test is fast, accurate and non-invasive, and looks beyond the scale to show you what you’re made of. 

The InBody scale applies a quantitative value to the various components of the body’s composition. These values represent the weight of each component of your total body weight.

Your Body Composition analysis will identify: 

Body Mass Index 

Segmental Lean Analysis 

ECW/TBW Ratio  

Body Composition History 

Body Fat-LBM Control 

Segmental Fat Analysis 

Basal Metabolic Rate 

Visceral Fat Level 



Lean Body Mass 

Dry Lean Mass 

Total Body Water 

Intracellular Water 

Extracellular Water 

Body Fat Mass 

Skeletal Muscle Mass 

Percent Body Fat


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>> Note that testing can only be scheduled in the morning and should be done in a fasted state, meaning no water, coffee or food for best and most accurate results.