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Ambitious All-Star, Jenny May

Ambitious All-Star, Jenny May

Ambitious Athletics is full of some of the best and most supportive people you will ever meet. I bet everyone of us felt nervous or not sure if they really belong there when they first joined. I know I did, and I was already friends with Carmen. Just have fun and try to do the best you can. You will only get better. 

We Are TRX Certified & Premier

We Are TRX Certified & Premier

That's why the The TRX Suspension Trainer plays such a big role in the Ambitious Athletics training program; our program infinitely scalable, so no matter where you are on the fitness continuum, it's easy to learn exercise positions and create a foundation for movement competency while still getting a fun and effective total-body workout. 

Popular Fitness Company Opens First DC Outpost


Popular Fitness Company Ambitious Athletics Opens First DC Outpost

New training facility offers everyday athletes in the Washington metropolitan area a practical and complete approach to fitness

WASHINGTON – July 14, 2015 – Ambitious Athletics, a popular boutique fitness company, whose focus is practical strength and conditioning for everyday athletes, just opened its first standalone training facility in the West End/Foggy Bottom area of Washington, D.C., at 2021 K Street NW. Open Monday through Friday, Ambitious Athletics offers five group training sessions per day beginning as early as 6 a.m. With this new facility, Ambitious Athletics has dramatically increased the capacity of its already thriving business, extending its unique coaching methodology to benefit even more area athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

“When I joined the DC fitness scene in 2007, I noticed it was missing the high quality strength and conditioning programs that I’ve been accustomed to at the high school or collegiate level,” said Ambitious Athletics Founder and Head Coach Carmen Sturniolo. “I started Ambitious Athletics to fill that gap and deliver a complete health and fitness program to the everyday athlete. The demand for such a program has only been confirmed by our rapid business growth, which has made it possible to open our first standalone location.” Ambitious Athletics first joined the DC fitness scene in 2010, providing group personal training to athletes at varying levels of fitness. Prior to opening the K Street location, Ambitious Athletics led training out of a variety of locations across the DC area, including the DC Aikido Studio in Woodley Park and the corporate headquarters of The Travel Channel and The Optical Society of America. Aside from group training, Ambitious Athletics has also provided in-home personal training to the local population.

Now Ambitious Athletic clients can access that same unmatched fitness experience in an uber clean, comfortable, and minimalist training space, fully equipped with squat racks, monkey bars, turf track, sleds, kettlebells, battling ropes, barbells, TRX, and medicine balls. Each client’s individual program is carefully prescribed and displayed on flat screens for guidance throughout the workout experience. Those plans are augmented by the coaching of Carmen and assistant head coach, Lori Lindsey, who are experts in regressions and progressions and adapting the fitness regimen for the client’s fitness level on any given day. Before participating in the program, each client must undergo an orientation process where the coaches observe their movements and individual capabilities.

“Ambitious Athletics is all about providing a safe, smart and effective fitness program for our clients,” said Assistant Head Coach Lori Lindsey, a former professional women’s soccer player who represented the United States at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup & 2012 London Olympic Games. “I joined the company because I believe in our approach and I couldn’t be more pumped to extend our methodology to even more individuals across the metro area.”

About Ambitious Athletics

Ambitious Athletics is a full service training facility that writes your workouts for you, provides you with direction, is goal and results oriented, assists with body composition, fat loss and muscle gain goals, and most importantly, is focused on your movement and overall health. Both Carmen Sturniolo and Lori Lindsey come from athletic backgrounds and both have respectfully excelled in their professions. Lori Lindsey, former professional soccer player joined the Ambitious staff in February with the hopes to help empower women through sport and fitness. For more information, visit:


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(814) 880-3146


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Ambitious Yoga Pose of the Month #12-13: January-February 2014

Jathara Parivartanasana + Savasana As you may know, I recently brought my Ambitious yoga instruction to a temporary end to care for our newborn, Cora Rose. But before I sign off for a few months, it’s only fair that I tie up our year-long yoga sequence, as well. The next two poses are my favorite ways to end my daily practice. I hope you enjoy them as we much as I have!

Jathara Parivartanasana/Revolved Abdomen Pose

1. From Patchimottanasana, slowly roll down onto your back.

2. On your inhale, hug your knees in toward your chest nice and tight, wrapping both arms around your shins.

3. On your exhale, drop your knees over toward your L side and reach your R arm toward the R. Turn your gaze to the right, as well. In other words, you are twisting your upper body in one direction, as you twist your lower body in the other – essentially wringing out the spine like a wet sponge. (It feels amazing!!)

4. If you are looking for a deeper twist, take your L hand and use it to press your legs down toward the floor as you stretch your R shoulder down toward the floor.

5. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds and breathe.

6. On your next inhale, contract your abdominal muscles as you lift your knees back to center.

7. Repeat steps 3-6 on the opposite side.

Savasana/Corpse Pose

1. Following Jathara Parivartanasana, slowly begin to extend your legs out on the floor in front of you, opening your legs slightly toward the corners of your mat.

2. Bring your hands to the floor on the outsides of your hips with your arms fully extended, palms face up toward the ceiling. Make sure to leave a little space between the arms and hands and your body, so that your body doesn’t feel rigid. Remember, this should be comfortable and your shoulders, chest and hips should feel open.

3. Note: If there is a space between your lower back and the floor or if your lower back feels uncomfortable or unsupported in any way, place a pillow or bolster underneath your lower thigh/knees. This will help the lower back rest more comfortably on the mat.

4. Relax completely, feeling the weight of the body melt into the floor. Think about relaxing each part of the body – from the crown of the head to your toes – as you focus on your breath.

5. Consider incorporating a Pranayama breathing exercise into your time in Savasana. For example, you can return to Durgha 3-Part Breath, the Pranayama technique described in Ambitious Yoga Pose of the Month #1.

6. Most importantly, just relax! Savasana is the most important part of class as it allows you to seal in the benefits of your practice.

7. Hold the pose for anywhere from 2-10 minutes. Enjoy!

That’s the end of the Ambitious Athletics Yoga Sequence. I hope you’ll return to the series of poses whenever you need a little rest, relaxation and yoga goodness in your daily routine. Thanks, as always, for sharing your practice with me week after week! Until next time … Namaste!


Yoga: Welcome Lisa Loring to The Ambitious Athletics Team

We are happy to announce, introduce, and welcome Lisa Loring to The Ambitious Athletics Team. Lisa officially takes the reins as the head Yoga coach at Ambitious Athletics beginning Tuesday January 28, 2014.

Over the last 40 days Lisa has spent countless hours shadowing and meeting with Emilie and I to help smooth the transition into the role of the Yoga coach for our Ambitious Athletes. Lisa will coach and participate in Ambitious Athletics programs while Emilie prepares for her first child.

Lisa holds certifications in two yoga traditions that complement one another beautifully; Embodyoga and Forrest Yoga.

The fluid practice of Embodyoga uses traditional flow yoga techniques to explore how to move from the inner body out, to discover the same liveliness we see and feel all around us is within us, and teaches how to pare down the layers to feel how awake we are right down to the very core of every cell. These same principals are the heart of Forrest Yoga, an intensely physical and internally focused practice that uses longer-held poses to emphasize focus and strength and how to carry your transformative experience off the mat and into your daily life.

Both traditions offer access to our whole being using yoga as a path to finding and then cleansing the emotional and mental blocks that dictate and limit our lives and bring us into harmony.

During the past four years she has also been a dedicated student of T'ai Chi, Yang Long-Form and has been working with beginner students teaching T'ai Chi. This practice has informed Lisa's long-time yoga practice and has expanded her awareness which is a wonder to share with students.

Lisa works with students of all ages, from young children to golden years, and bringing yoga to every body and meeting students wherever they are is her passion. Finding the movement key that unlocks the door for each person is her goal.

Each of us is a unique expression of the One Consciousness and we bring a different, unique perspective to our practice on any given day, and with every breath our practice becomes different.

Because of this you can often hear Lisa saying, "The reason I love yoga is because I will never be good at it! It's different every day and with every breath!" Practice with Lisa - Purchase a drop in Yoga punchcard here via our online store. Get 10 Yoga training sessions for $120.

Nasmaste, The Ambitious Athletics Team